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Postdoctoral fellow in the lab receives American Heart Association postdoctoral fellowship award

Dr. Sarojini Singh, recipient of AHA postdoctoral fellowship award

Sarojini Singh, Postdoctoral fellow in the lab, received award of an American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship for the project, "Depression effects on heart disease," funding a postdoctoral fellowship from January 2022 through December 2023.

Research Intern successfully completes UAB-CORD Summer Science Program

Lab members supporting Mr. Terry (High School Research Intern) during his poster presentation

Mr. Terry successfully completes 8-weeks UAB-Center for Community OutReach Development (CORD) Summer Science Program (Blazing to Biomedical Careers Program). At the end of the program, interns showcase their work through poster presentation. Terry’s research work is focused on studying the role of Midkine (a heparin-binding growth factor) in fibroblast biology. We wish Terry the very best!

Drs. Sarojini Singh and Mallikarjun Patil co-mentored Terry. Thanks to their fantastic team effort!

Learn more about UAB-CORD program at:

Undergrad student volunteer wins Emergent Scholarship

Ms. Divya, research volunteer in the lab wins Emergent Scholarship 2021. Divya is an undergrad from UAB SciTech HONORS program. She has worked on several research projects in the lab, including depression effects on heart disease, diabetes effect on cardiomyocyte etc and has co-authored a peer-reviewed manuscript (Front. Cell Dev. Biol., 2019.

Divya’s previous work as volunteer has resulted in multiple awards: click here to read the post

Student volunteer wins Emergent Scholarship

PhD Student in the lab successfully defended his PhD dissertation

PhD student presentation

John Henderson, PhD Student in the lab, successfully defended his dissertation. The study investigates miRNA regulation of anticancer drug-induced cardiac pathology. Congratulations to John for achieving this important milestone.

Dr. Henderson has joined industry after his PhD.